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Public sector organizations need to enhance their mainframes to adapt to the new, digital world. By re-hosting, public sector organizations can enhance and digitize their mainframe systems quickly, without compromising the core functionality.

However, re-hosting careful consideration of a number of factors including application selection, the right target environment design, performance of the chosen container platform and alignment with the broader modernization strategy.

Successfully navigating the mainframe re-hosting initiative

Infosys Public Services’ comprehensive suite of re-hosting services and tools consider the factors outlined above and help organizations lift and shift mainframes (applications, data sets, online & batch systems & security components) to a modern environment, faster and without any change or loss of functionality.

With our offering, organizations can build an agile and scalable target system – one that can be easily transitioned to Cloud and/or can be enhanced with new user experiences (like mobility) or API enablement.

Key differentiators and benefits

  • Knowledge-curation platform – AI-enabled platform analyzes and assesses existing systems to unearth hidden/unknown information about the system
  • Powerful container platform – Accelerates migration of code and other components to the target environment by up to 50% without changing any functionality and helps reduce operational cost by up to 50%
  • Re-hosting tools and frameworks – Automate and accelerate various re-hosting activities like testing, data migration, decommissioning by up to 50%
  • Self-funding model – Innovative financial model helps re-invest savings into strategic modernization initiatives
  • Modernization CoE – Best-practices from 3000+ modernization projects and proven execution models (like CMMI 5) minimize risk and ensure predictable on-time, on-budget implementation

Mainframe modernization practice

Our Mainframe Re-hosting offering is supported by Infosys’ strong modernization practice and a Center of Excellence where 28,000+ modernization experts have successfully delivered 3000+ modernization projects for 650+ organizations across multiple industries.

Our experts adapt insights and best-practices from this experience to help clients successfully navigate their modernization journey.

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