United States Postal Service (USPS) Information Technology Solution (ITS) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has selected Infosys Public Services as one of the 11 suppliers for its Information Technology Solution (ITS) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract.

The USPS ITS IDIQ is a seven-year contract with a combined ceiling value of $2.8 billion. It will allow various groups under the USPS Chief Information Officer (CIO) to access IT solutions and services including strategy, application development, infrastructure services, and service management to lower technology costs, grow revenue, gain efficiencies, and improve customer experience.

Service Areas for Infosys Public Services

The USPS IDIQ contract includes 13 IT service areas. Infosys Public Services has been selected for the following five areas:

  • Strategy and Reference Architecture Support – Develop strategies and architectures for the next generation of USPS enterprise and tenant architectures, develop strategic and innovative solutions to meet enterprise business needs and improve and enhance processes by providing self-service, automated, secure, performant, and testable processes.
  • Develop and Design Enterprise Architecture - Develop architectures and design solutions based on USPS enterprise architecture principles, APIs, data management, and artificial intelligence/machine learning models as well as reusable components and micro-services that integrate with enterprise scalable infrastructure for efficient and effective workflows.
  • Training Services – Define and schedule training to promote awareness, knowledge, and learning of emerging, new, or current process and technical capabilities including DevSecOps, secure coding best practices, cloud computing practices, test-driven development, artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics methodologies, techniques/tools, and automated testing.
  • Data Centers and Mainframe Operations - Install, configure, maintain and support operating system and related third party software for the mainframe environment, software upgrades, troubleshooting and resolution of system software incidents and software inventory tracking.
  • IT Service Management and Helpdesk - End-to-end monitoring and availability metrics for systems and infrastructure, asset utilization and asset optimization, and enhancing IT efficiency through process improvement and automation, providing incident management and response, defining change and configuration policy, providing project management support for critical IT initiatives and performing internal reviews to ensure compliance with SOX, PCI, and Software Development Framework, etc.

Infosys Public Services will be able to bid for task orders issued under any of these five areas.

Client Examples

Infosys Public Services has extensive capabilities across all of these five IT service areas and has delivered successful programs for cross-industry organizations. Key examples include:

Public Sector Postal Organization
Infosys Public Services is one of the strategic IT services provider for a North American Public Sector Postal Organization. We have established an effective communication and governance framework that is enabling us to work with multiple vendors and deliver services across areas including enterprise architecture, application development, maintenance and support.

Our programs are helping the organization build a more modern, digital, and efficient technology foundation. For example:

  • We leveraged Agile methodology to upgrade the organization’s IBM Maximo-based core asset management system. This approach accelerated the modernization program by nearly 60 percent and improved efficiency of key workflows by nearly 50 percent.
  • We developed and deployed an operational data hub for address, delivery, and collection data. The hub is a critical component of the organization’s delivery systems re-architecture program which will replace the legacy applications for addressing, delivery and collection processes with modern digital systems. This will enable the organization to transform operations and improve customer experience.
  • We leveraged angular technology framework to redesign the guest shipper application that supports creation of shipments and schedules pickup. This has enhanced scalability of the application, enabling it to support 300% increase in transaction volumes.

A Federal Long Term Care Program Administrator
Infosys Public Services is a strategic IT partner to a third-party administrator for one of the largest OPM-funded health insurance programs serving US Federal and Military employees. We have executed several programs for the organization including modernization of the legacy health insurance platform using the latest technology stack of Spring Boot and Angular. The new system has been helping the organization:

  • Centralize enrollment through highly responsive Enrollee Portals which can be accessed through multiple devices.
  • Multi-factor authentication, supporting Email, Text, and Authenticator application.
  • Enhance security for data at rest and transit.
  • Deliver notifications at account and program level.
  • Enable customer self-service including view/change payment methods, management of bank accounts etc.
  • Manage multiple products and improve digital accessibility through a central administration portal.
  • Leverage centralized REST API services that are accessed by all Portals for seamless sharing of information.

A North American Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Organization
Infosys Public Services helped a large North American pharmaceutical organization design training and development programs for its growing workforce.

The organization had established digital hubs across the globe. For one of its digital hubs, the organization needed to hire and mobilize 300+ new employees in two years. Infosys Public Services leveraged its Organizational Change Management and Learning Solutions to design learning pathways for rapidly onboarding and enabling the organization’s new workforce. Infosys Public Services enabled the organization to:

  • Analyze learning needs for specific roles by parsing skills and competencies from job description files, optimize total number of learning pathways, and discuss and verify accuracy and precision of learning suggestions.
  • Establish competency/skill model including soft-skills, technical and domain skills definitions.
  • Analyze, choose, group, and map relevant learning content from multiple sources/repositories to the defined skills/competencies model.
  • Define role-based learning pathways –mapping of roles to content repositories.
  • Implement a single learning portal for employees to access the courses they need to re-skill/up-skill.

A North American Retail Organization
Infosys Public Services is a strategic IT partner to a North American retail organization, providing end-to-end Infrastructure Support Managed Services including server management, database management, network monitoring, and end-user services. The initiative has enabled the organization to realize several benefits including:

  • Increased stability and 100% compliance with critical performance indicators (SLAs)
  • 100% network availability and 99.9% server availability
  • 100% application availability - Platinum
  • 99.8% patch compliance
  • 99.9% backup success rate
  • 100% vulnerability monitoring and management
  • 100% access certification process compliance

Contact Information

For more details about the USPS ITS IDIQ contract or Infosys Public Services capabilities, please contact:

Eric Robinson
Head of Federal Practice, Infosys Public Services
Phone: +1-301-354-8600
Email: askus@infosyspublicservices.com

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