Jurisdictions (Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Ministries of Transportation) need to modernize their legacy driver licensing and vehicle registration systems to serve millions of customers effectively and efficiently.

Delivering this improved customer experience means that jurisdictions must implement a modern, user-friendly platform that delivers a consolidated view of the customers, meets the jurisdiction’s unique current needs yet easily adapts to changing requirements.

Digitize licensing and motor vehicle services with Infosys Celtic Vehicle and Licensing Solution.

Driver Licensing and Vehicle Registration Solution

Infosys Public Services and Celtic Systems have partnered to develop an integrated commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution that helps jurisdictions successfully digitize vehicle and licensing services.

Built on Celtic’s products like CTS-Drive, CTS-Reg, CTS-IRP, CTS-iLearn, Infosys Celtic Vehicle and Licensing Solution (IC-VALS) digitizes both the core functions like driver licensing, vehicle registration, billing and ancillary functions like analytics and reporting. It provides an integrated view of customers, has the native flexibility to meet the unique business and technical requirements with minimal disruption to business, is highly scalable and easy to maintain.

Our Integrated commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution helps agencies deliver modern and customer centric services. Our pre-integrated modules support core transportation processes. These pre-integrated modules deliver most of the functionality out-of-the box and offer flexibility to quickly modify key features to meet an agency’s unique requirements.

CTS-Reg - The vehicle services module offers a comprehensive web-based vehicle registration and title solution which includes a wide array of vehicle management services that are offered through the DMV, third party authorized vendors and directly to customer through the DMV online portal. Additionally, these out of the box functionality includes configurable fees, internal and external interfaces.

CTS-Drive – The module enables the DMV to manage driving privileges, learner’s permit, endorsements, restrictions, and Real ID credential issuance. The module includes the ability to capture and track all the driver records including Convictions, Points, Accidents, and based on business rules will automatically initiate the necessary actions. The driver licensing and credentialing solution enables the DMV to ensure that their system is flexible and scalable to meet future needs.

CTS-IRP – The module includes all functions necessary to support both Intra (commercial vehicles within the State) and Inter (outside the state) travel. Commercial motor vehicle product provides the IRP functionality out of the box and delivers pre-defined interface integration with the IRP Inc. and IFTA Clearinghouse systems. The module provides for apportioned registration, based on mileage, for commercial vehicles engaged in interstate operations in member states or Canadian provinces. It also provides a secure portal for large, medium, and small companies to manage their fleet requirements online, using a 360-degree view of their vehicles, transactions, drivers, financials, flags, inspections, and insurance to ensure that they are always in compliance and to minimize and simplify the workload associated with fleet management.

Law Enforcement – The effect of vehicle and driver violations affect a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle within a jurisdiction. The module offers pre-defined workflow interfaces that support automated data exchange with state court systems, state and federal agencies, AAMVA, clearinghouses, and third-party vendors that provide and receive information about driving records, including those that share convictions, defaults, and payments on moving tickets.

Our Integrated COTS offering enables the DMV to deliver maximum value by outlining common repeatable services across the DMV domain. It enhances access to interactive customer services and public satisfaction.

Key features and benefits of IC-VALS

  • Modularity – Loosely coupled components for flexibility and accelerated deployment
  • 360° Customer View – One-client, one-record model providing a consolidated view of the customer
  • Scalability – Service Oriented Architecture for extensibility and interoperability
  • Configurability – Configurable rules engine that includes pre-defined business rules and can be easily updated to meet requirements unique to a jurisdiction
  • Multi-channel access – Service delivery across a variety of channels (mobile, kiosk, office)
  • Responsive UI – Simple, intuitive user interface that meets accessibility standards
  • Security – Role-based access controls and the latest cyber security methodologies for assured service delivery
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Real-time reporting with a host of visualization options for improved decision making

Challenges & Solutions

IC-VALS offers a proven COTS-based platform that can help jurisdictions modernize legacy licensing and registration systems quickly with minimal risk. 19+ jurisdictions have successfully digitized their core and ancillary system with IC-VALS and related components.

IC-VALS includes modular components that can be deployed independently and seamlessly connect with solutions already in use as well as external systems.

IC-VALS includes a rules engine which can be easily configured by jurisdictions to quickly adapt to changing requirements.

IC-VALS was developed using open-source technologies making it possible for jurisdictions to maintain and update the system themselves.

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