Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and Ministries of Transportation (MoT) need to modernize their legacy driver licensing and vehicle registration systems to serve millions of customers effectively and efficiently. These agencies play a vital role in ensuring mobility for a state or province’s residents and road users.

Infosys Driver and Vehicle Solution is a modular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is helping the transportation agencies build a digital and future-resilient driver licensing and vehicle registration system, offering tools that will modernize legacy licensing and registration systems into an agile and customer-centric platform that meets agency’s need today and down the road.

Digitize vehicle and licensing services with Infosys Driver and Vehicle Solution

Driver Licensing and Vehicle Registration Solution

Every DMV and MoT is unique – rules and regulations they administer are different, data integration among agencies varies. Delivering an improved customer experience means that jurisdictions must implement a modern, user-friendly platform that delivers a consolidated view of the customers, meets the jurisdiction’s unique current needs yet easily adapts to changing requirements.

Our COTS solution helps agencies deliver modern and customer centric services and includes pre-integrated modules that support core transportation processes. These pre-integrated modules deliver most of the functionality out-of-the box and offer flexibility to quickly modify key features to meet an agency’s unique requirements.

Infosys Driver and Vehicle Solution encompasses the various tasks conducted by DMV employees and customers which can be broadly categorized into following enterprise business functions:

  • Titling – Establish ownership of a motor vehicle
  • Registration – Establish a unique license plate number for the vehicle identification
  • Administration – Ensure accuracy and timely service delivery
  • Vehicle – Ensure safety of motorized vehicles on the roadway
  • Enforcement – Suspend or revoke driver privileges and manage reinstatement
  • Licensing – Grant privileges to drive or operate motor vehicles on the jurisdiction’s roadway
  • Security – Prevent and manage fraud and protect personal identifiable information

Infosys Driver and Vehicle Solution underlying Salesforce Platform helps drive operational efficiencies through workflows, configurable rules, and integration with other internal and external applications. The modular design methodology simplifies maintenance and operations of the system for agencies. The solution is delivered and supported by an expert team that customizes off the-shelf vehicle registration and driver licensing features and business rules for specific business processes and DMV applications. The team also develops user interfaces for embedded devices and integrates heterogeneous system components such as scanners and Point of Sale (PoS) devices based on standard protocols to enable interoperability. The solution’s web-based dashboards for continuous monitoring and service failure analysis ensure high availability while reducing the volume of IT tickets.

Infosys Driver and Vehicle Solution delivers several advantages from both business and technical infrastructure perspective:

  • Modularity – Loosely coupled components for flexibility and accelerated deployment
  • 360° Customer View – One-client, one-record model to understand customer better
  • Scalability – Service Oriented Architecture for extensibility and interoperability
  • Configurability – Configurable rules engine with pre-defined business rules to meet unique requirements
  • Multi-channel access – Service delivery across a variety of channels (mobile, kiosk, office)
  • Responsive UI – Simple, intuitive user interface that meets accessibility standards
  • Security – Role-based access controls and the latest cyber security methodologies for assured service delivery
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Real-time reporting with host of visualization options for improved decision making

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Driver and Vehicle Solution offers a proven solution that helps jurisdictions modernize legacy licensing and registration systems quickly and without any risk. Several jurisdictions have successfully digitized their core and ancillary system with Infosys Driver and Vehicle Solution.

Infosys Driver and Vehicle Solution includes modular components that can be deployed independently based on the solutions already in use and seamlessly connect with both internal and external systems.

Infosys Driver and Vehicle Solution includes a dynamic rules engine which can be easily configured by the jurisdictions to quickly adapt to changing requirements.

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