State Medicaid Agencies (SMAs) are modernizing their Medicaid systems in a modular fashion. The Infosys Medicaid Enterprise System Platform is a set of technologies and services that enable Medicaid agencies to build this modular system faster and at a lower risk. The cloud-enabled platform enables agencies to integrate custom, COTS, SaaS, Cloud, or any combination of the technologies to build and operate the Medicaid Enterprise System that they want.

Build a truly modular Medicaid Enterprise System using the components you want with Infosys Medicaid Enterprise Integration Platform

Modular Medicaid System

Infosys Medicaid Enterprise System Platform can be deployed on any cloud technology (AWS/Google/Azure) and adheres to industry established Enterprise Architecture (EA) standards. The platform is based on the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) framework and closely aligns to the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA).

With Infosys platform and other Medicaid solutions and services, agencies can ensure that their systems:

  • Independently support the key business functions or processes
  • Are interoperable with other internal and external modules and systems
  • Meet existing requirements and can easily pivot to address future requirements
  • Can be quickly implemented at lower cost and risk
  • Are less expensive to maintain and operate

System Integration and consulting services to implement Medicaid Enterprise System:
As a CMMi Level 5 company, Infosys has built rich experience in executing large and complex engagements leveraging various proven system development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies including Agile, DevOps, Extreme Agile, Iterative, and Waterfall.

We leverage these capabilities and combine it with our Medicaid expertise to help agencies build a truly modular and integrated Medicaid enterprise system.

It’s not necessary for agencies to completely replace their existing Medicaid administration systems. They can retain certain systems, enhance a few functions/capabilities and/or implement new modules.

Infosys Medicaid services and frameworks enable agencies to define the approach that’s right for them and execute it successfully. Our platform also offers a blueprint for agencies to integrate other health and social programs and build a service-focused health and human services IT ecosystem.


Challenges & Solutions

We bring proof points from state-of-the-art technology adoption to accelerate initiatives and reduce risk.

Infosys MES platform offers an integration layer with connectors that seamlessly connect with any type of modules/technology components.

Cloud based platform enables HHS agencies to scale in real time as needed.

The platform offers core data management capabilities from MarkLogic, a leader in HHS data management.

Infosys MES offers pattern-based integration: Map once to many.

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