States need to revamp their unemployment insurance system to manage evolving policies, increasing caseloads, higher service expectations, shorter response times, and stringent oversight.

Infosys LaborForce offers a fully integrated, cloud-first enterprise platform for states to transform their existing unemployment insurance applications into a truly digital and resilient system.

The modular platform has a proven design to transform unemployment insurance processes including tax, benefits, appeals, workforce, call center, customer service and all unemployment services including Pandemic and Family Leave programs.

Don’t implement your next legacy unemployment insurance (UI) system. Get Infosys LaborForce.


Infosys LaborForce Unemployment Insurance System: Key features

  • Cloud-first, highly scalable, multi-tenant Salesforce PaaS and IaaS
  • Pre-built interfaces and open API to simplify integration
  • Comprehensive and fully automated case management
  • Rapid development environment for speed-to-value
  • Human-centric user experience for ease of use and accuracy of data collection
  • Advanced fraud prevention and fraud detection
  • Fully compliant with FedRAMP, NIST Moderate, and state and federal reporting regulations
  • Out-of-the-box functionality and quick configuration through flexible rules engine
  • Multi-lingual, ADA compliant, and accessible across devices

A system’s ability to scale to handle increased volumes is not just an infrastructure issue. The design of the software, the functionality of the screens, the methods for storing and retrieving data, and processes like workflow routing, and business user engagement are important too.

Infosys LaborForce’s proven design and the underlying Salesforce platform incorporates all these characteristics, enabling states to develop a scalable, future-proof unemployment insurance system.

Supported by proven services and multiple implementation approaches

Infosys LaborForce is designed and delivered by experts with experience of implementing unemployment insurance systems across 12+ states.

States can choose to implement Infosys LaborForce in its entirety or deploy the modules that they need. They can also just engage Infosys Public Services team for their expertise across the following service areas.

  • Unemployment Insurance Training and Organization Change Management
  • Fraud Program Improvement and Design
  • Federal Reporting and Data Validation
  • Legacy System Support and Maintenance
  • Modernization and RFP Planning
  • UX Redesign and Improvements
  • Grant Management
  • Call Center Management
  • IT Staff Augmentation

Challenges & Solutions

States have primarily built their UI systems through implementation of a variety of transfer systems, point solutions, adaptations of revenue tax or pension systems, or older client/server-based technologies that have been web-enabled and placed in a cloud environment. None of these solutions are scalable.

Infosys LaborForce offers the first fully integrated, cloud-first (Salesforce platform) proven UI management platform for states to build a truly digital and resilient system. Infosys LaborForce delivers highly scalable modules for all the key areas

Infosys LaborForce is delivered by experts with 200+ years of combined experience delivering UI systems for 12+ states. Our experts leverage Infosys’ proven and flexible execution capabilities to deliver UI program on-time, on-budget and in a predictable manner.

Infosys LaborForce is a COTS solution on a modern architecture, with full capabilities to meet a state’s business needs.

The platform delivers most of the functionality out-of-the-box and offers a flexible rules engine to meet a state’s specific requirements quickly.

The underlying Salesforce platform ensures that any application that is deployed is able to share common services. It also offers capabilities to deploy new capabilities at speed and scale.

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