Navigating Digital Transformation of Unemployment Insurance Systems

States have been modernizing their unemployment insurance systems including tax, benefits and appeals, call center and workforce systems for nearly two decades. Almost all of the unemployment insurance systems have been built through implementation of a variety of transfer systems from other states, adaptations of revenue tax or pension systems, or older client/ server-based technologies that have been web-enabled and placed in a cloud environment.

The pandemic, however, exposed the weaknesses of these systems, and the consequences of using dated technologies. From portal access issues, heavy reliance on manual processes and delayed payments to critical infrastructure failures, fraud waste and abuse, most of the unemployment insurance systems collapsed under the weight of the dramatic COVID19-driven increase in claims. Clearly the existing solutions and approaches to unemployment insurance modernization have been inadequate.

To build truly digital and resilient unemployment insurance systems, states need to adopt a commercial-grade, software-as-a-service solution built on a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) foundation and delivered by experts with experience in building state unemployment insurance systems.

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