Public sector organizations purchase goods and services worth trillions of dollars. A significant portion of this is managed using decades old custom-built applications. Our comprehensive suite of services and solutions combined with innovative tools and proven implementation models enable organizations to modernize these legacy applications into agile, intelligent and scalable on-premise or cloud-based procurement systems.

Over the last 20 years, Infosys and our partners have successfully delivered over 780 supply chain and procurement transformation programs for organizations across public and commercial sectors. We have achieved this through key capabilities:

  • A strong partner ecosystem with decades of experience transforming procurement systems
  • A cloud-based eProcurement solution, delivered from our secure, North American operations centers
  • A team that understands government procurement and leverages proven services for predictable, on-time, on-budget execution
  • Accelerators to fast-track implementations
  • Best-practices to pre-empt risks

Our innovative eProcurement solution is an end-to-end Source-to-Pay Software-as-a-Service system. It is built on proven technologies and in production for many public and commercial sector organizations.

This cloud-first solution provides a robust and adaptable platform for organizations looking to digitize their procurement systems and processes. The solution includes five core components:

  • A multi-lingual, intuitive cloud-based portal that provides a single point of entry for all procurement activities
  • SAP Ariba modules that digitize the procurement processes from sourcing to contract and payment
  • A ServiceNow-based service desk that accelerates resolution of issues and ensures user satisfaction and business continuity
  • A Microsoft-Azure based identity and access management module that securely onboards State users and administrators. It provides the right level of access to the right people at the right time.
  • And an integration platform that ensures non-disruptive integration with other cloud and on-premise systems

We also offer end-to-end services to implement our solution and support other industry solutions based on our client’s needs.

Modernize and digitize your procurement systems and processes with Infosys Public Services


We offer end-to-end services that support different industry solutions

Digital Solutions for Procurement

We leverage our proprietary business transformation methodologies such as IMPACT and IDEA Activate to implement eProcurement solutions.

We also support our client’s eProcurement solutions through Managed Services model that includes:

  • Solution Support
  • Ongoing Organizational Change Management/Training
  • Catalogue Support
  • Helpdesk
  • Transition Out Assistance

Our model leverages proven methodologies and processes to manage complex business applications and systems. It is staffed with seasoned, cross functional specialists in identifying and managing risks associated with third-party COTS and cloud-based systems. It drives continuous improvement and innovation through future releases and feature expansions, while effectively managing emergency releases and hot-fixes.

Our Planning and Procurement Center of Excellence (CoE) adapts best-practices and insights from different engagements for our clients. The CoE also develops prototypes and reusable tools that not only accelerate implementations but also minimize risk. Some examples include:

  • Ariba Network – SRM/ECC IntegrationToolkit simplifies integration of on premise SRM/ECC procurement systems with Ariba Network (AN) and enables access to suppliers on the global Ariba Network
  • Ariba On-Demand Legacy Data Migration Framework accelerates data conversion while minimizing errors
  • Ariba On-Demand Testing Toolkit helps identify various elements that may impact performance and offers an automated regression testing workbench that accelerates testing while ensuring a successful rollout

Challenges & Solutions

Cloud-based procurement platforms, supported by our tools, ensure accelerated implementation without risk to existing systems and processes.

Our bolt-on intuitive portal extends the core procurement system, making it extremely easy for users to shop for supplies. The portal also provides dashboards that help improve decision making.

Our solutions establish a centralized procurement system with standardized business processes and a harmonized data model to assure transparency and accountability. A strong data security policy and access control mechanism ensure relevant procurement data are disclosed to the public while properly maintaining data integrity and protection.

Our cloud-based procurement solution supports both large organizations and small businesses. We implement features like digitization of product catalogs, support for different delivery channels and digitization of invoicing to make it easier for vendors of any size to do business with the government. Our solutions also track various metrics around supplier participation and performance.

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