Infosys Digital Government Portal enables jurisdictions to digitize services. From providing the relevant business-related information to services like registration, licensing and taxation, the portal makes it easier for organizations to do business in the state.

Digitize information and services with the Infosys Digital Government Portal


The highly configurable portal leverages Infosys and WONGDOODY’s decades of experience and best-practices in building next-generation, human-centric UI and UX. It can be delivered via secure cloud or implemented on-premise and can be quickly tailored to meet a jurisdiction’s unique requirements.

The portal delivers significant value to all the stakeholders:

Government agencies

  • Reduced processing time for key services like licensing, registration etc.
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity of employees
  • Reduced cost of operation
  • Better data for improved decision making
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Improved business and citizen satisfaction

Business organizations

  • Faster access to services
  • Improved transparency and accountability
  • Easier to conduct business with the agency

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Digital Government Portal offers a single window for jurisdictions to deliver all the relevant information and services to businesses and constituents.

Infosys Digital Government Portal provides real-time, secure collaboration functionality for departments to exchange information and work together as they provide information and services to citizens and businesses.

Infosys Digital Government Portal allows state departments and businesses to track the progress of an application or service request as it moves through the stages. Alerts, notifications/reminders and escalation features ensure timely action on any request.

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