The Infosys Progressive Modernization Solution enables government and broader public sector organizations to fund their modernization initiatives through OPEX savings and helps build an agile and resilient enterprise. The solution offers three modular components – Infosys IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS), Application Modernization and Analytics Modernization - that create a virtuous cycle for organizations to:

  • Streamline operations, enhance efficiency and generate 30% to 40% in OPEX savings
  • Fund modernization programs and scale analytics capabilities
  • Continuously evolve the enterprise making it more data-driven and responsive

Infosys Progressive Modernization Solution

Despite modernization being a priority, over 50% IT systems in half-of-the states run on legacy technologies.

Public sector organizations spend a significant portion of their time, budget, and staff on management of these legacy systems as opposed to creating new business capabilities. This poses significant operational, financial, market, and data risk, limiting their ability to meet their core mission and serve constituents cost effectively.

The Infosys Progressive Modernization Solution offers a new approach for public sector organizations to address these challenges and accelerate digital transformation.

The solution’s three modular components enable public sector organizations to generate OPEX savings and use these savings to fund their application and analytics modernization programs.

Fund legacy modernization and digital transformation initiatives through OPEX savings with Infosys Progressive Modernization solution


Key components of Infosys Progressive Modernization Solution

Infosys IT-as-a-Service – A full stack offering that enables government agencies and broader public sector organizations to farm out their IT operations and maintenance. The component provides:

  • Consumption-based model for end-to-end IT operations management
  • Mechanism to re-direct operational savings to modernization projects
  • Gradual modernization to chip away technical debt over time

The component leverages the Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform - an AI-based platform that continually senses, analyzes, decides, acts and learns from the data generated across process, application and infrastructure layers to transform maintenance and operations, reducing cost between 30% to 40%.

Application Modernization – Non-invasive re-engineering and re-hosting solutions to modernize applications and accelerate the journey to the cloud. The component:

  • Reverse engineers applications and databases into standards-based models
  • Forward engineers these models into applications on n-tier or cloud-based architectures
  • Preserves decades of rich business logic and minimizes change management

The component leverages the Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform - that supports several legacy technologies including COBOL and PowerBuilder and is integrated with Agile and DevOps methodologies. The platform automates and accelerates modernization, ensures 100% coverage of business logic, and reduces modernization cost and effort by up to 30%.

Analytics Modernization – Modernize the legacy data estate and build an insights-driven enterprise with advanced analytics and AI/ML capabilities. The component:

  • Leverages a metadata driven approach to unlock data from legacy systems
  • Builds an agile, cloud-based modern data architecture to manage multi-source, multi-format data
  • Leverages AI for data engineering, pipeline management, curated dataset development for ML models, testing, downstream analysis, and self-service analytics

The component leverages the Infosys Data Intelligence Platform which offers cloud-native data operations, management, and AI solutions for agencies to navigate from foundational information management to data innovation, ensuring faster execution of analytics programs by nearly 30% at 60% lower cost as compared to traditional approaches.

Public sector organizations can lead with Infosys ITaaS to realize greater gains and establish a strategic construct for application and analytics modernization or adopt components independently based on their current priorities and pain points.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Progressive Modernization Solution leverages managed services to activate several cost levers and generate 30% to 40% savings through operational excellence. Public sector organizations can use these savings to fund their modernization and other digital transformation initiatives.

Infosys Progressive Modernization Solution’s legacy modernization component ensures comprehensive coverage of business logic while migrating old code to the new technology. The component also removes dead code, improving overall performance of the application.

Infosys Progressive Modernization Solution combines analytics with legacy modernization to help public sector organizations to unlock the data trapped in legacy systems and use it to generate richer insights to improve mission outcomes.

Infosys Progressive Modernization Solution leverages proven and flexible CMMI Level 5-based delivery models to ensure predictable, on-time, on-budget execution with minimal or zero disruption. Several industry analysts, including Everest, Gartner and HfS, have recognized our legacy modernization execution capabilities.

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