Government healthcare organizations have access to reams of structured and unstructured data like the 3000 data sets from the Health Data Initiative, multiple sources of population health data, and case worker/manager notes.

Infosys Health Insights Platform enables organizations to analyze all this data to generate insights and next best actions (recommendations) to improve care delivery, program outcomes and reduce cost.

Turn data into actions and deliver proactive, personalized care interventions with IHIP

AI Health Data Insights Platform For Public Sector

This cloud-based, modular platform automates the data management lifecycle – from collection and aggregation through insights and ultimately to the generation and implementation of actionable recommendations.

It ingests data from multiple sources in any format as is, harmonizes it, uses machine learning-models to generate insights and recommendations, and disseminates those to all relevant stakeholders.

The platform’s plug and play architecture allows organizations to deploy the platform in its entirety or piecemeal according to their requirements. Other key features include:

  • Harmonize data faster and minimize investment in MDM tools
  • Comply with all the relevant security and privacy standards
  • Democratize AI skillets enabling any one with basic BI skillset to build AI models
  • Deliver insights and actionable recommendations on any device, anytime
  • Self-service reporting and intuitive visualization
  • Build hyper-personalized 3D view of entities through curated data enriched with 400+ Social Determinants of Health composites

Challenges & Solutions

IHIP uses an advanced no-SQL database which allows organizations to aggregate any type of data as-is.

IHIP offers a single, self-service, modular platform that supports the end to end data and analytics cycle, accelerating adoption and minimizing training needs.

IHIP democratizes AI skillets. Its automated machine learning (ML) model building capabilities enable analysts to quickly create and deploy AI models.

IHIP automates data management, enabling analysts to shift their focus from data preparation to data analysis.

With IHIP, organizations can exchange actionable recommendations with stakeholders in real-time.

IHIP complies with all the security and privacy standards, including HIPAA.

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