The Infosys Epidemic Surveillance Suite (IESS) offers public health organizations a comprehensive monitoring platform to automate and digitize the contact tracing process and arrest the spread of COVID-19.

The Suite comprises of 4 modular systems:

  • System of Transaction that digitizes end to end contact tracing workflow and data management.
  • System of Insights that generates proactive analytical insights for faster decision making.
  • System of Collaboration that enables exchange of COVID data among different stakeholders.
  • System of Engagement that enables people to access accurate COVID information anytime using any device.

Leverage our comprehensive outbreak monitoring platform to digitize contact tracing and case management.


IESS can work with existing Contact Tracing apps or other tools, enabling organizations to collect, analyze, monitor and disseminate critical COVID spread information to public health officials for preventive and prophylactic care decision making.

Key features of Infosys Epidemic Surveillance Suite

  • End to end automation of contact tracing and case management workflow
  • Extension of the case management system on a mobile app with both offline and online access
  • AI-driven COVID symptom checker and severity indexing
  • Automated notification for COVID test scheduling
  • Advanced analytics and unified visual intelligence for proactive decision making
  • Blockchain-enabled immutable data exchange and network collaboration
  • Multi-lingual Digital Human health advisor for citizen engagement and COVID awareness

Key benefits from using Infosys Epidemic Surveillance Suite

  • Increased contact tracing efficiency and improved productivity for contact tracers
  • Smarter predictive analytics to proactively manage potential outbreaks
  • Privacy first features providing secure access to data without compromising PII, PHI
  • Efficient and faster data exchange for collaborative and informed decision making
  • Improved constituent experience
  • Better preparation to re-open the economy safely

Challenges & Solutions

IESS automates and digitizes the contact tracing and case management processes to arrest the spread of viruses more effectively.

IESS enriches contact tracing data with Social Determinants of Health composites to build comprehensive profiles and uncover additional information about COVID-positive cases.

IESS uses automated data-science techniques and pre-built machine learning models on contact tracing data to generate insights and recommended actions that improve decision making.

IESS uses a unified visual intelligence dashboard and blockchain-based information sharing infrastructure to enable collaboration among different stakeholders, enabling them to work together to fight outbreaks.

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