From program administration to employment outcomes: Unemployment Insurance’s strategic shift

The challenges Labor and Workforce Development agencies face today are a result of one key issue: unsustainability of their unemployment insurance solution. Current unemployment insurance systems have not kept pace with today’s challenges. They are difficult and expensive to maintain and are not being regularly enhanced. As painfully shown during the height of the pandemic, these systems were unable to scale to meet the demand leaving many claimants without needed benefits.

There is also a shift in the fundamental drivers of unemployment insurance from delivering program administration outcomes to improving citizen employment outcomes. As a result, a once in a lifetime opportunity has been presented in the wake of the pandemic. To transform their unemployment insurance systems and processes.

To reimagine the delivery of unemployment insurance with a renewed focus on the claimant and employer experience, Labor and Workforce Development agencies need to go cloud native, leveraging a scalable sustainable technology that continues to respond to the requirements of the agency in the future.

This paper by experts from Salesforce and Infosys Public Services discusses the key capabilities and a new approach for agencies to build a digital, resilient, and future-proof unemployment insurance system.

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