Modernizing and Digitizing the Vehicle and Licensing Services

From building a 360-degree customer-centric view to offering a variety of services to customers across communication channels of their choice, digital technologies offer Departments of Motor Vehicles and Ministries of Transportation an opportunity to transform operations and service delivery. Navigating this digital transformation requires jurisdictions to address the following imperatives:

  • Collaboration – Participate in initiatives like State2State, Car2Car, and deliver new products/services by sharing data with partner departments
  • Emerging technologies – Adopt technologies including Internet-of-Things and artificial intelligence to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and customer service
  • Portability – Increase reach and improve service through multi-channel delivery, mobile offices, and digital licenses
  • Regulations and enforcement – Quickly incorporate and enforce evolving regulations to ensure compliance and improve road safety
  • Data and Insights – Manage multi-source, multi-format data to build 360° view of the customer and generate actionable insights to ensure security, reduce fraud and improve user safety

Digitizing vehicle, licensing and related services

Infosys Public Services helps jurisdictions address these trends and accelerate their digital transformation. We do this by providing the following capabilities:

  • Digitization readiness – Our industry experts leverage their decades of transportation experience and adapt relevant insights from the commercial sector to discover the right areas for digitization, streamline business processes and implement proven tools and accelerators to support digital transformation initiatives
  • Deploying innovative COTS-based solutions – We deploy agile, future-proof, digital solutions to build modern, customer-centric licensing, registration, titling, and administration systems quickly, cost-effectively and without disrupting operations
  • Predictable execution – Our proven program management and execution methodologies including Scaled Agile ensure projects are delivered on-time and within budget
  • Aligning strategy and execution while driving rapid innovation – Our innovative frameworks of Design Thinking and continuous learning develop a culture of innovation

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