Simplify migration to the CalSAWS platfom with Infosys CalSAWS Conversion Offerings


Solutions and services for migrating to the CalSAWS System

Infosys Public Services leverages unique insight into the functionality, technologies, and operational requirements for the CalSAWS conversion and offers a suite of solutions and services to orchestrate the following activities for the counties:

Data management
CalSAWS data structure may not be compatible with a county’s existing system. The data structure must be retrofitted, or the applications must be modified to work with the CalSAWS data structure. Navigate data management with Infosys data and analytics offerings.

Training and change management
Re-designed ancillary systems and workflows for areas like GA/GR, task management, CIS and MR extracts would require extensive user training and change management. Infosys Training and Change Management Framework and platforms like Infosys Wingspan can accelerate these activities and facilitate adoption.

Cloud management
Transition to the cloud-based CalSAWS will require adoption of new solutions to monitor the system, enable faster disaster recovery, and optimize workflows. Infosys and AWS’ Well Architected framework can help counties provision services faster, scale dynamically, and build a resilient architecture.

COVID-19 related emergency changes
COVID-19 required counties to apply several changes like exemptions, waivers, and re-calculations to CalFresh, CalWorks, Medi-Cal and other programs. Each county adopted a different approach to implement these changes. Migration of all these cases into a single system may lead to disruption. Infosys Data Analytics solutions and services will enable counties to minimize this disruption and manage COVID-19 related changes more effectively in the new system.

Management of GA/GR programs
Migration may impact eligibility determination rules, data structure mapping, and notice creation for GA/GR programs which are administered differently by different counties. Infosys’ GA/GR Migration Approach can help counties leverage CalSAWS cloud infrastructure to host its GA/GR programs and have the same administration flexibility as they have today.

Document and imaging system management
Counties scan, store and asses different documents to administer their welfare programs. Each county may have a different approach and requirement when it comes to document management, which the CalSAWS imaging system may not support. Infosys will analyze the gaps and extend the CalSAWS imaging system to meet a county’s unique needs.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Public Services leverages its understanding of the CalWIN and CalSAWS systems to prioritize the migration areas and develop a custom roadmap for each county.

Infosys Public Services’ change management offerings will simplify adoption, enabling users to hit the ground running quickly.

Infosys Public Services leverages its innovative solutions like the Infosys Health Insights Platform to automate data management, enabling counties to shift their focus from data preparation to data analysis.

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