The Ministry of Transportation, Ontario digitizes carrier registration, licensing and performance monitoring

The Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO), along with Infosys Public Services (IPS), has implemented a new customer-centric carrier registration, licensing and performance monitoring system as part of its Road User Safety Modernization program. This new Registration and Licensing System of Ontario (RLSO) is a modernization of the MTO’s previous 40-year-old system, digitizing service delivery for thousands of carriers and businesses.

RLSO is an enterprise services-based platform that utilizes a suite of Oracle/Siebel software products. It eliminates manual and paper-based processes and automates transactions, which helps guide workflow by providing any necessary information at the fingertips of employees and customers, says Linda Dunstall, Director of Road User Safety Modernization at the MTO. With the implementation of RLSO, Ontario became one of the first jurisdictions in North America to have a truly modern, scalable and integrated carrier registration and performance monitoring solution built on a one-client, one-record model.

RLSO has many benefits, including 360-degree views of each customer, reducing time to access records by up to 90 percent; reduced application processing time by up to 70 percent for some applications; increased effectiveness and accuracy; expanded delivery channels; and improved compliance and adaptability.

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