From Readiness to Resilience: Rhode Island's Digital Journey

Following Rhode Island’s digital journey and what accelerated its growth to achieve 70 percent digitalization, making the lives of its citizens easier, fuller, and happier

Rhode Island’s state leadership understands how imperative it is to focus on innovation and digitalization. In 2020, the state was already making great strides in its digital transformation. However, when COVID-19 hit the U.S., businesses across Rhode Island were also greatly impacted.

State leaders recognized that to continue serving the residents, communities, and businesses, they would need to double up their digitization efforts, build partnerships with global industry leaders such as Infosys Public Services (Infosys) to build new solutions, and be prepared to adapt to the unprecedented circumstances in a way that’s progressive and proactive.

According to Bijay Kumar, the Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer for the state of Rhode Island, this was the push the state needed to seize the digital transformation that had been just within their reach. "Attaining success is completely possible in the public sector, even at an accelerated pace," he says. "We focused on people, process, and technology."

Rhode Island’s road to resilience was built on these very foundations: people, process, and technology. From rapid deployment of a contract tracing app to modernization of unemployment insurance systems and blockchain-based digital credential solution, see how Rhode Island is navigating its next to be more digital and resilient.

From Readiness to Resilience: Rhode Island's Digital Journey