Blockchain for Government and Public Sector

Interest in blockchain is growing in the public sector because of its unique ability to securely connect different entities, streamline processes, eliminate fraud and improve service delivery. However, blockchain is only useful if adopted for a certain set of transactions/processes and in the right way as guided by these three Is.

  • Identify suitable processes
  • Identify all the cost elements that should be considered to calculate an accurate ROI
  • Identify, implement and eventually scale the right blockchain-based solution

We help public sector organizations address these three Is and navigate their blockchain adoption journey by combining:

  • Blockchain advisory services to identify the right processes and areas that should be blockchain-enabled
  • Proven implementation, maintenance and testing services to successfully deploy and scale blockchain solutions
  • Pre-built accelerators and technology-hubs that lower the barriers to pilot blockchain technology
  • Multi-sided partner ecosystems to unlock business value

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