Legacy Modernization


Legacy modernization is a top priority of public sector organizations, especially with the emergence of new technologies like social, mobile, cloud and the focus on ‘being digital.’

Despite multiple initiatives to modernize IT systems, most public sector organizations still spend 60% to 80% of their IT budget on maintaining existing systems. Clearly, these modernization initiatives have fallen short on delivering the desired returns either by being too limited in scope or too slow to keep up with evolving technology.

So why is this? Key factors impeding the modernization process include:

  • Inadequate planning – poor classification of existing systems leading to implementation of the wrong modernization strategy.
  • Lack of documentation, limited system knowledge and/or a shortage of experts all of which increase the risk of losing business rules in the modernization process.
  • The complexity of the legacy IT systems which leads to scope-creep, cost -overruns and playing technology catchup.

Re-think legacy modernization with Infosys Public Services

We help public sector organizations accelerate their modernization initiatives and realize desired results with minimal risk and disruption. Our methodology leverages:

  • Decades of cross-industry legacy modernization experience - Adapting best-practices from 900+ complex modernization programs in multiple industries to the public sector
  • Modernization services, frameworks tied to industry leading COTS software partners – We offer end-to-end legacy modernization services supported by proven M3 modernization framework and strategic partnerships with companies like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon Web Services, MicroFocus, Celerity, and Oracle.
  • People + Software – More than 28,000 modernization experts supported by 20 proprietary modernization tools to accelerate legacy modernization initiatives, ensuring 100% migration of business logic and user-interface components
  • Proven execution and program management frameworks – Our delivery record is unmatched – ~98% of our projects get executed on time and on-schedule (vs. the industry average of ~56%)
  • Continuous improvement – Design Thinking, Zero Distance frameworks, AiKiDo and Infosys Nia offerings bring the power of automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive continuous improvements and build a future-proof application landscape

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