Health and Human Services


Our solutions and services, supported by an execution model proven over three decades, help Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies address key priorities today and build a future-proof, scalable and agile technology foundation for tomorrow.


Infosys Vaccine Management (IVM) Solution

Infosys Epidemic Surveillance Suite

Infosys COVID-19 Recovery Suite

Infosys Health Insights Platform

Infosys Comprehensive Child Welfare Solution

FormAR – Digitize paper-based forms with Augmented Reality

ModernizeDR – Highly responsive DR at up to 80% lower cost

Integrated Eligibility Solution for health and human services programs

AssistEdge – Integrated desktop for case workers

ModernizeIT – Accelerate modernization programs

Infosys Analytics Workbench

Infosys Nia™ – Purposeful AI


Consulting Services

Technology Services

Enterprise mobility

Cloud and Infrastructure

Cyber Security

Legacy Modernization

Procurement Modernization

Analytics and Insights

ERP Services


Brochure: Building the Health and Human Services Technology of the Future

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