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Accelerate COBOL or PowerBuilder modernization. Actualize desired returns.

Modernization of legacy PowerBuilder or COBOL-based applications is crucial to meet evolving business needs, address skillset constraints, and optimize cost of operations. However, traditional approaches like re-engineering or adoption of a commercial-off-the-shelf software are risky, costly or take a long time.

ModernizeIT offers a new software + people approach to automate an organization's PowerBuilder or COBOL modernization program, enabling them to accelerate implementation, reduce cost, and minimize risks.

ModernizeIT combines the following components to help agencies build a scalable, agile, future-ready application in the target technology of their choice (Java,.NET, etc.):

  • Smart Algorithm Converter – Understands and migrates PowerBuilder or COBOL code and business logic to the target technology without manual intervention
  • Smart UI Converter – Migrates old UI into new UI without changing the workflows. It also adds new features that improve productivity
  • Modernization Services – Proven tools, frameworks, best practices from 30+ years of experience and Center of Excellence that support the entire PowerBuilder or COBOL modernization exercise and ensure successful execution

Value proposition

  • Accelerated implementation – up to 70 percent automation of the PowerBuilder or COBOL modernization program
  • Predictability and low risk – 100 percent migration of business logic. No impact on other systems
  • Minimal change management – Similar look and workflows of the target application to minimize training needs and ensure quick adoption
  • Reduced costs – up to 60 percent savings in implementation cost and efforts
  • Enhanced performance – Improved maintainability and scalability of the target application to adapt to changing requirements
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