FormAR – Digitize paper-based forms with Augmented Reality

The experience of visiting government offices to fill out a form (e.g., health care program enrollment) makes people uneasy. They have to find the right form, enter a lot of information, and if there’s a mistake, then they have to start all over again with a new form.

While there are instructions, most of the time they are not easy to understand. And, with agency staff busy handling many requests, it not easy to get their attention or help. All this results in people spending a lot of time filling up forms.

FormAR helps agencies address all these challenges through Augmented Reality.

Augmented reality to digitize paper-based forms

FormAR uses Augmented Reality to help customers visualize the information that should be filled in the form, in the language of their choice.

FormAR uses the camera of a person’s device (mobile phone or a tablet) to identify the right form and show the information that should be filled under each section.

Built using Unity Game Engine and Vuforia plugin, FormAR has been architected as a light-weight application that can be quickly configured to support any type of form and offer multi-language support.

Key features and benefits

  • Faster processing of applications – FormAR helps people fill the right form with the right information quickly. This minimizes errors, re-work or the need for agency workers to seek further clarification/additional information
  • Reducing wait times – With information and help available on the phone, customers don’t have to line-up and seek answers from the office staff. This allows the staff to focus on other important tasks
  • Multilanguage support - FormAR can display sample text in a language that the customer is most comfortable with and enable an agency to offer multi-language support
  • Digitize forms – FormAR can be extended to fetch an editable, digital version of the form from an agency’s database. This enables customers to type in the details and submit the form online through the device of their choice

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