Long Term Care Partners: Zero Distance to growth and savings

Infosys Public Services helped Long Term Care Partners (LTCP) leverage automation to successfully execute an important rate-increase program in record time. The program helped LTCP drive growth and save up to 10 million in costs.

Long Term Care Partners (LTCP) was redesigning its core system to administer a rate increase in premium to all its 260,000+ members. To lessen the impact of rate increase, LTCP wanted to offer each member multiple offers or health options. Designing and testing these options was a complex exercise which required pin-point accuracy and had to be done quickly to meet the stringent program execution timelines.

To address this problem, LTCP turned to automation. Infosys Public Services worked with LTCP to develop a number of automated tools that validated various options for each member quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. These validators assumed the role of subject matter experts, enabling LTCP to test out multiple scenarios with 100% accuracy and create more bandwidth for the core team to work on architecture and development.

LTCP was able to roll out the rate increase program without any errors, within the stipulated timelines, and at a lower cost and risk, ensuring that its growth objectives were met and that the members were also satisfied. Automation helped LTCP be at zero distance to growth, savings, and customer satisfaction. This program was one of the winners of Infosys’ Zero Distance award!