AssistEdge – Integrated Desktop for Health and Human Services Workers

Health and Human Services (HHS) workers access multiple systems –– including several legacy systems –– to service citizens.  This impacts their productivity, reduces citizen satisfaction and increases cost of operations. HHS organizations need to rethink their IT systems and processes so that their users can access relevant citizen data quickly and deliver an improved experience.

Enabling HHS workers to refocus on serving citizens

AssistEdge Smart User Environment offers a ready-to-deploy and configurable desktop that provides HHS organizations an integrated, single-screen view of citizen data aggregated from across various applications including legacy systems. This unified desktop:

  • Integrates the different applications onto a single screen with single sign-on access
  • Aggregates all relevant citizen information into an intuitive dashboard
  • Automates repetitive  tasks e.g., updating a citizen’s address across all systems
  • Enables real-time collaboration with experts
  • Provides various productivity tools like ‘Notesmaker’
  • Tracks activity to enable effort analysis

With AssistEdge, HHS organizations can deliver an improved experience to citizens while improving productivity of their workers by ~25% and reducing operational costs by ~20%.

AssistEdge – Integrated Desktop Experience Management Software

Key benefits of AssistEdge:

  • Improved citizen satisfaction – Integrated citizen view; ~70% reduction in query resolution time
  • Enhanced efficiency – ~20% reduction in operational costs; ~25% improvement in user productivity
  • Reduced risk and disruption – Non-invasive integration even with legacy systems; process automation to minimize manual tasks and associated errors
  • Quick implementation and returns – Ready-to-deploy platform; ROI within 6–12 months of use

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