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Building health and human services technology of the future

Having navigated the complexities of the Affordable Care Act, Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies are focusing on the following key priorities to deliver citizen-centric benefits at a lower cost:

  • Enabling Integrated Eligibility – Taking advantage of A-87 funding available through 2018 to expand current solutions built for eligibility and the health benefit exchange to other social programs.
  • Re-thinking Citizen-centricity – Building systems that not just simplify access to every benefit for the citizens but deliver personalized and relevant health benefits that the citizens really need.
  • Building an Insights-driven organization – Rather than depending on third-party analytics vendors, own the data and develop capabilities in data aggregation, analytics and exploration to generate insights for eliminating fraud, optimizing costs and improving service delivery.

To address these priorities, HHS agencies need to balance the renewal of existing systems with the development of new technology capabilities, quickly and cost-effectively.

Enabling HHS organizations to do more, with less, for more

Infosys Public Services partners with HHS agencies to build technology systems of the future that help deliver improved care and outcomes to larger number of constituents at a lower cost. We do this by leveraging the following capabilities:

  • Cross-industry experience - Insights from healthcare and other industries to innovate ‘outside-in’; e.g., consumer engagement in retail, fraud detection in banking.
  • Linking strategy and execution – Value frameworks like IMPACT™ and VRM to prioritize focus areas by aligning investments and initiatives with the agency’s mission.
  • Speed-to-market mission capability – Pre-built solutions that utilize technologies like cloud, mobility, social and analytics to accelerate implementation.
  • Ensure predictability and low risk along with rapid innovation – Proven execution methodologies that enable us to deliver projects on-time and within budgets. Innovative frameworks like Design Thinking and Zero Distance to create a culture of innovation.

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