Not all portfolios are created equal, but many, if not all, share a common trait – a sizeable footprint of complex and costly legacy applications that impede progress. Our IT Portfolio Rationalization solution takes the principles of investment portfolio management and applies them to IT portfolios, assessing each application on its capacity to generate value and return on investment while helping to modernize those that are essential to day-to-day operations.

Optimizing IT Investments by Rationalizing Technology Assets

Technical and Resource Assessment

Our IT Portfolio Rationalization offering lays the foundation for a unified strategy and approach to transform organizations and reduce operational risk. It measures each application across several key metrics that provide an overall picture of how well the application does or doesn’t support business priorities and adhere to technology standards as well as determining the total cost of ownership.

Through fact-based analysis, organizations can determine which applications are the best candidates for enhancement, consolidation, re-architecture or retirement – helping to mitigate the sometimes-emotional bias of investment prioritization. The goal is to streamline and optimize the application portfolio in a way that generates business value and results in

  • Reducing cost and increasing the manageability of the portfolio
  • Improving the alignment of IT assets to business priorities
  • Enhancing the return on investment – ensuring that IT dollars are targeting the right applications and
  • Prioritizing delivery and resource allocation

Challenges & Solutions

Helps identify and modernize legacy applications to current technology standards as a path towards cloud migration

Helps shift IT spend ratio from production support to building new business capabilities

Helps increase business agility by leveraging modern, flexible technology architectures and platforms

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