The recent events have highlighted the need to modernize legacy systems quickly. Balancing speed and quality are crucial for successful modernization. ModernizeIT offers a tool-based approach to help organizations modernize their legacy PowerBuilder and COBOL applications into scalable Java or .NET applications 70% faster and at a lower cost and risk.

Automate and Accelerate Your Legacy IT Modernization Initiative. Actualize Desired Returns.

Application Modernization Framework

ModernizeIT includes the following components that automate and accelerate modernization

  • Smart Algorithm Converter - Migrate the legacy code (COBOL, PowerBuilder, VB etc.) and business logic into target technology of choice
  • Smart UI Converter - Modernize the UI without altering the look or workflow to facilitate adoption

Key benefits of ModernizeIT:

  • Accelerated implementation (pilot in less than 4 weeks)
  • Zero disruption and no impact on existing systems
  • Reduction in modernization cost and effort by up to 60% vs. traditional approaches
  • Minimal dependency on SME or business users
  • Quick adoption and minimal investment in re-training users
  • Non-proprietary, industry standard code (e.g. MVC framework) and no risk of vendor lock-in
  • Future-ready applications that can be easily updated to adapt to changing needs

Challenges & Solutions

ModernizeIT automates the code migration process. Its smart tools understand both the code and business logic and minimize dependency on business users/application experts.

ModernizeIT accelerates the modernization program by up to 70%. Its tools ensure zero impact on any existing systems or business operations and build a modern application using an industry-standard architecture that is easy to maintain and scale.

ModernizeIT ensures that the modern application has similar UI and workflows as the legacy application. This supports rapid adoption and minimizes training needs.

ModernizeIT includes a configurable library that can be quickly updated with new rules to cover any customizations.

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