Infosys Vaccine Management (IVM) Solution

COVID vaccine administration will be unlike any other immunization campaign that the state and local governments have ever implemented. Existing systems will be inadequate to manage the sheer scale and scope of the program or address unique challenges like complex demand forecasting and adverse reaction tracking etc.

Infosys Public Services, Simplus and Salesforce have combined forces to develop Infosys Vaccine Management Solution that offers a comprehensive platform for state and local governments to deliver the high-demand COVID vaccination program safely and rapidly.

From proactive outreach and advocacy campaigns, enrollment, prioritization, eligibility screening, vaccine scheduling, demand management, clinical management and follow-ups to the rigorous data reporting requirements, the end-to-end solution delivers the necessary capabilities for state and local governments to administer the COVID vaccine effectively to constituents.

Infosys Vaccine Management (IVM) Solution

Key features and benefits of Infosys Vaccine Management Solution

  • Single platform with scalability and flexibility to manage the unprecedented volume of immunization candidates for COVID and other immunization programs
  • Accurate demand forecasting and prioritization through consolidation of testing, tracing and vaccine data
  • Mobile-enabled, automated workflows to enhance efficiency and minimize errors
  • 100% compliance with stringent CDC and ACIP COVID vaccination guidelines
  • Cross-agency collaboration and faster information exchange
  • Advanced epidemiological insights for improved policy and decision making

Contact us to learn how Infosys Vaccine Management Solution can help your jurisdiction administer the COVID vaccine program safely.

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