COVID vaccine administration is unlike any other immunization campaign that state and local governments have ever implemented. Existing systems will not be able to manage the scale, scope, and complexity of this program.

Infosys Public Services, Simplus and Salesforce have combined forces to develop Infosys Vaccine Management (IVM) solution that offers a modular platform for state and local governments to deliver the high-demand COVID vaccination program safely and rapidly.

Execute the high-demand COVID19 vaccine program safely with IVM

Vaccination Registration and Administration Solution

From proactive outreach and advocacy campaigns, scheduling and registration, eligibility screening, demand management, clinical management and follow-ups to the rigorous data reporting requirements, the end-to-end solution delivers the necessary capabilities for state and local governments to administer the COVID vaccine effectively to constituents.

Key features and benefits of IVM

  • Single platform with scalability and flexibility to manage the unprecedented volume of immunization candidates for COVID and other immunization programs
  • Accurate demand forecasting and prioritization through consolidation of testing, tracing, and vaccine data
  • Mobile-enabled, automated workflows to enhance efficiency and minimize errors
  • 100% compliance with stringent CDC and ACIP COVID vaccination guidelines
  • Cross-agency collaboration and faster information exchange
  • Advanced epidemiological insights for improved policy and decision making

Challenges & Solutions

IVM’s Communication and Outreach module offers a configurable, mobile-enabled, multi-lingual portal for state and local governments to publish the right information about the vaccines quickly, run advocacy campaigns, and engage citizens more effectively.

IVM’s cloud-based Registration and Scheduling module enables state and local governments to scale quickly and support the high-demand vaccine program without any disruptions or failures.

IVM’s MuleSoft-based Integration Module includes pre-built connectors and APIs which allow state and local governments to connect with any federal and provider systems and exchange HL-7/FHIR-based data in near-real time for accurate reporting.

IVM’s Command Center offers an intuitive Tableau-powered dashboard to track all relevant information related to vaccination – from inventory, doses administered and herd-immunity levels to adverse reactions. The Command Center also hooks up with automated-data science solutions like the Infosys Health Insights Platform to develop predictive and prescriptive AI models to make vaccine administration more effective.

IVM’s Inventory module enables state and local governments to track vaccine inventory more effectively. From managing information related to vaccine receipt to storage, cold-chain compliance, availability and wastage reporting, IVM can track a number of parameters, enabling organizations to maximize the use of available vaccines.

IVM is architected as a modular platform. State and local governments can pick and choose the components based on their immediate and long-term requirements. Quite a few of these modules, like the Registration and Scheduling, can be deployed within 2 weeks.

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