AAMVA 2017 Annual Region IV Conference

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Event details

Date: May 21 – 24, 2017
Venue: Booth 209, Westin Seattle, Seattle, Washington
Attendees: Andre Maximiano, Sr. National Sales Director, Infosys Public Services
Kannan Rajagopal, Senior Principal, Infosys Public Services

Event overview

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators’ (AAMVA) Annual Region IV Conference provides jurisdictions in the western region and the industry with a platform to connect, discuss strategies, and exchange ideas on leveraging technology to digitize licensing, registration, and enforcement services.

The 2017 conference will cover a wide variety of topics including systems modernization, autonomous vehicles, coordination with law enforcement, and emerging technologies.

Connect with Infosys Public Services

Infosys Public Services is a sponsor of the IT roundtable and an exhibitor at AAMVA 2017 Annual Region IV Conference. Infosys Public Services will also host a session on emerging IT trends for motor vehicle and licensing agencies.

Join the IT roundtable and our session to learn how jurisdictions are leveraging technology to transform service delivery and improve user safety.

Visit us at booth 209 to see innovative IT solutions that are helping motor vehicle and licensing agencies renew existing licensing & registration systems and build new capabilities to deliver customer-centric services at lower cost.

Session details

Topic: Analytics to improve safety
Date: May 22, 2017
Time: 3:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Speaker: Kannan Rajagopal, Senior Principal and Head of DMV Practice, Infosys Public Services

Session description

An unprecedented amount of data is being generated and shared on traffic, road conditions, and driving dynamics by connected vehicles, automated enforcement equipment, devices, and mobile apps. Jurisdictions have a great opportunity to analyze this new data along with their traditional data (e.g. customer’s driving history, roadside metrics, vehicle performance etc.) to generate insights that can help improve safety – e.g. evaluate user's’ driving abilities, prevent traffic snarls, optimize infrastructure use, reduce roadway damage, and enforce rules/penalties.

Analysis of such diverse, multi-source and multi-format data (structured, unstructured etc.) requires jurisdictions to re-think analytics. It requires them to break down system, process, and organizational barriers, blend traditional analytics tools (like MDM) and next-gen approaches (like data-lakes), and use powerful visualization tools to ingest, analyze, visualize, and monetize data quickly and cost-effectively.

In this session, Kannan Rajagopal will discuss how jurisdictions can re-think analytics, what kind of data can they collate, and how can they analyze all that data to generate insights that can improve user safety.

Speaker profile

Kannan Rajagopal Kannan Rajagopal, Senior Principal, Infosys Public Services

Kannan is a senior industry principal and leads the motor vehicle and driver licensing practice for Infosys Public Services. Kannan is responsible for North America DMV consulting business operations and services offerings. He also defines the business strategy for the group, enables business development efforts, and manages unit operations, client relationship management, people and professional development.

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