Long Term Care Partners Modernizes Core Systems to Optimize Operations

Long Term Care Partners (FedPoint) administers federal long term care program for over 280,000 members. The organization’s CARE system was used for end-to-end administration of this program, starting from enrollments and premium processing to claims settlement and underwriting.

Built on legacy technology (IBM AS/400, DB2, and PowerBuilder), CARE faced several limitations related to usability, scalability, interoperability, and security.

Infosys Public Services worked with FedPoint to replace this legacy system with a web-based solution (legacy modernization) to address these challenges.

The new solution, architected using J2EE and .NET, leveraged several of the system’s existing capabilities and added new features that improved usability and system performance.

With the new system, FedPoint was able to reduce the cost of operations by nearly 25 percent and improve employee productivity by nearly 20 percent.

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