Infosys Health Insights Platform

Health and human services (HHS) agencies have access to reams of structured and unstructured data like 3000 data sets from the Health Data Initiative, multiple sources of population health data, and case worker/manager notes.

Infosys Health Insights Platform enables HHS agencies to analyze all this data to generate insights and next best actions (recommendations) to improve care delivery, clinical outcomes and reduce cost.

The cloud-based, modular platform manages data end-to-end – from collection and aggregation through insights and ultimately the generation and implementation of actionable recommendations.

It ingests data from multiple sources in any format as is, harmonizes it, uses machine learning-models to generate insights and recommendations, and disseminates those to all relevant stakeholders.

Its unique Lego-type architecture allows agencies to deploy the platform in entirety or piecemeal according to their requirements and evolve their analytics maturity.

Infosys Health Insights Platform

Key features of Health Insights

  • No ETL – Easily ingest multi-modal data, as-is
  • Automated MDM – Harmonize data faster and minimize investment in MDM tools
  • Security and Privacy – Comply with all the relevant standards
  • AI-Studio – Automate data wrangling, accelerate data modeling and democratize AI
  • Pre-built AI Models - Jumpstart advanced analytics initiatives
  • Multi-channel Access – Insights and actionable recommendations on any device, anytime
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Self-service reporting and intuitive visual intelligence
  • Customer-centric – Hyper-personalized 3D view of entities through curated data enriched with 400+ Social Determinants of Health composites
  • Scalability – Modular components with plug-and-play connectors for emerging solutions like AI, AR/VR, Blockchain etc.

The platform enables all stakeholders to collaborate and deliver better outcomes

  • Improved program effectiveness (population health management, opioid addiction etc.) by up to 15%
  • Up to 30% faster implementation at approximately 60% lower cost as compared to traditional analytics approaches and flexible pricing
  • Analytics-in-a-Box for complete and automated information life cycle management to increase speed to value
  • Real-time dissemination of Next Best Actions to all stakeholders in the care continuum to improve care coordination
  • FHIR compliance and cross-agency data exchange

Write to us to learn how Infosys Health Insights platform can help your agency navigate from Data to Insights to Next Best Actions faster.

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