Nation's Health and Human Services Agencies Moving Forward with Digital Transformation

CompTIA and the American Public Human Service Association’s second annual survey examines technology challenges, issues and trends facing agencies

State and local health and human services (HHS) agencies across the United States continue to make progress in their use of digital technologies to become more effective and efficient, according to a new report released by CompTIA and the American Public Human Services Association (APSHA).

The second annual HHS State of the States Survey offers insights relative to IT issues, challenges, trends, and perspectives from state and local health and human services thought leaders.

Dozens of human services leaders at the state government level discuss where the human services IT vertical is heading in the next year. They share their perspectives on service delivery modernization; federal partnerships and interagency/state collaboration; governance; workforce optimization; cloud and cybersecurity; emerging trends/technology; and modularity. Some interesting findings include:

  • Cloud adoption - Leading the charge in HHS innovation is the expanded use of cloud-based services, with 74 percent of agencies reporting that they have applications in the cloud, up from 55 percent in 2016
  • Cyber security - 79 percent of agencies have adopted a cybersecurity framework based on national standards and guidelines. Also, 74 percent have developed security awareness training for workers and contracts
  • Customer calls centers – More than 80 percent of have a call center, with 74 percent using an interactive or automated voice response system.
  • Mobility technologies – 45 percent of agencies surveyed indicate that mobility is a component of their service delivery system.
  • Consumer portals – Customer access via a portal continues to evolve, with activities such as application submissions, status checks on applications and benefits and general program information virtually universally available online.

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