Infosys Public Services to Set up Testing Center of Excellence and Consolidate IT Services for Prime Therapeutics LLC

Infosys Public Services and Prime Therapeutics LLC have entered into a three-year agreement to set up a testing center of excellence (COE) and consolidate the delivery of application testing services. Prime Therapeutics will streamline and optimize its quality assurance (QA) and testing services as well as enhance its competitiveness with Infosys Public Services expertise and world-class delivery model. It also expects to expand the capabilities of its QA organization and gain efficiencies in managing a large-scale QA department.

Here are some highlights of the new partnership:

  • Prime Therapeutics selected Infosys Public Services for its health care and pharmacy benefit management expertise, proven experience with QA and testing COEs, and service delivery capabilities
  • As part of the contract, Infosys Public Services will consolidate and standardize Prime Therapeutics’ QA and testing services, currently provided by multiple service providers
  • Infosys Public Services will support Prime Therapeutics’ QA organization as they deliver across all lines of the business and increase the agility of the QA department
  • Prime Therapeutics will be able to improve application and service quality, and reduce IT costs with Infosys Public Services range of QA and testing frameworks, techniques, tools, and accelerators
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