New York Digital Government Summit 2019

Event details | Event overview

Event details

Date: September 12-13, 2019
Location: Albany Capital Center, Albany, New York
Attendees: Ken Denno, Director – Client Services, Infosys Public Services

Event overview

New York Digital Government Summit brings together executives from the State and Local governments, the industry, and educational institutions to discuss key trends and imperatives impacting the government.

This year’s summit will see attendees exchange insights on addressing some of the key imperatives faced by New York agencies like cloud adoption, AI and the government, data revolution, building skills of the future and reimagining citizen experience.

Connect with Infosys Public Services

Infosys Public Services is a Patron sponsor of the event. Meet us to know how technologies like automation, Cloud, AI, cyber security and advanced analytics are helping agencies navigate their digital transformation journey. Learn how we are helping agencies adopt these innovative technology solutions to digitize operations and service delivery.

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