Date: March 21 – 22, 2016

Venue: Booth no. 24, Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Event overview

State Healthcare IT Connect Summit is an annual event where thought leaders from the public and private sector converge. The summit provides a platform to share ideas and benchmark implementation strategies of state health IT systems.

This year, senior industry leaders will discuss innovative technologies and models that can help them manage the diverse health reform agendas.


Connect with Infosys Public Services

Infosys Public Services is a Silver sponsor at the 2016 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit. Vijay Ravichandran, Senior Principal, Infosys Public Services will lead the ‘Meet the Innovators’ roundtable on Integrated Eligibility.

Infosys Public Services will also present innovative healthcare solutions that help state agencies integrate social and health programs, and deliver improved care and outcomes at lower costs.


Vijay Ravichandran, Principal Consultant, Infosys Public Services
John McDonald, Head of Marketing and Alliances, Infosys Public Services
Kenneth Spiva, Senior Manager Client Services, Infosys Public Services
Kristine Wallace, Associate Manager Client Services, Infosys Public Services
Preyan Arya, Consultant, Infosys Public Services
Quinn Qin, Consultant, Infosys Public Services

Session details


Roundtable: Integrated eligibility: Turning the concept into reality


March 21, 2016


1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET


Vijay Ravichandran, Principal Consultant, Infosys Public Services

Session Description

What does integrated eligibility (IE) mean to health and human services (HHS) organizations, system integrators, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and to food and nutrition service? It is safe to assume that the response will have some commonality, but will also have many variations based on who we talk to. Let us consider the key aspects of IE - vision, funding, timeline, operations, collaboration, and systems integration. Each state is at a different level of maturity when it comes to their IE implementation.

Some have defined their vision and have gone a long way towards achieving their goals. Some have realized limited success. And, there are some who have had no success and must re-think their strategy. Therefore, for the agencies that are still in the process of formulating their strategy, there is no need to re-invent the wheel, as there are lessons to be learned from the earlier implementations, whether successful or otherwise.

Join our roundtable for insights and real-world examples on how the state HHS agencies can align their vision and strategy with the practicality of funding, formulate a strategy to define core vs. peripheral programs and associated timelines, integrate the stakeholders, implement change management, and manage technology to successfully implement IE.

Vijay Ravichandran

Vijay Ravichandran Principal Consultant, Infosys Public Services

Vijay has over 15 years of experience in designing and implementing dynamic and robust large-scale social enterprise management systems that provide health benefit exchanges, social service modernization, and child services. He is currently a Solution Manager for the District of Columbia Access System (DCAS), which is the district’s flagship social services modernization project.