Infosys E-Procurement Solution

Procurement is undergoing a digital switch. Public sector organizations need to transform their procurement systems and processes to be more agile, open, and responsive. Infosys E-Procurement Solution (EPS) enables public sector organizations to accelerate this transformation and be ready for this digital future.

EPS is a cloud-based, procure-to-pay solution, designed and delivered by Infosys Public Services in partnership with EY and SAP Ariba. The solution enables departments to purchase various goods and services through a single portal, configure specific requirements easily, and access data, reporting and analytics information in real-time to support more effective decision-making.

Key Components of EPS

Benefits of EPS i.e. E-Procurement Systems

Procurement Transformation for Public Services and Procurement Canada

Infosys Public Services (IPS) implemented EPS for Public Services and Procurement Canada. The solution is digitizing procurement, advancing the government’s socio-economic objectives, and delivering better results for Canadians.

The contract with PSPC for EPS offers options to the broader Canadian public sector (provincial governments, municipal governments, and quasi- governmental agencies) to acquire the e-Procurement Solution. Organizations can leverage the contract to configure, implement, and/or finance their own instance of the electronic procurement solution or leverage the existing EPS solution, accelerating their digital procurement journey.

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