Reimagine Customer Experience While Modernizing DMV Systems

DMVs continue to adopt solutions such as Commercial Off the Shelf /Replace, Lift and Shift or Platform As A Service to renew their aging infrastructure without losing core business competency.

Along with this infrastructure revitalization DMVs need to look at better ways of servicing customers by leveraging next generation technologies and solutions that can operate on a variety of infrastructure platforms and transform service delivery.

Two such solutions that DMVs can include in their portfolio are Virtual Agents (VA) and Personal Smart Video Platform (PSV).

AI-based virtual agents can eliminate wait times at the DMV. They can complete several tasks on behalf of DMV agents like providing guidance, scheduling an appointment, renewing registration, issuing stickers etc., enhancing overall business productivity.

Personalized Smart Video (PSV) is a highly scalable real-time video personalization platform. By using dynamic text, images, charts and call-to-action buttons, PSV transforms a generic message into a highly intuitive, content-rich, interactive and personalized video communication. PSV enables organizations to assemble personalized storytelling videos that are relevant to their end customers and redefine engagement experience.

Here’s how DMV agencies can leverage (and combine) these two technologies to transform citizen experience.

Use Case – Scheduling an appointment through a virtual agent hosted on a DMV Online portal and receiving PSV reminder notification.

Process flow:

  • Customer accesses the DMV website and initiates conversation with the virtual agent about a DMV service like scheduling an appointment for a road test
  • The keywords determine workflow for the virtual agent. For general support/information, the agent can respond back with standard FAQs. For personalized support like above, the agent verifies customer’s information and asks follow-up questions
  • In this case the virtual agent will prompt the customer to select and enter their time, date and location preference for the road test appointment
  • Based on the input, the virtual agent processes and completes the task, providing on screen verification. An email confirmation is also sent to customer

The virtual agent enables customers to access DMV services from the comfort of their home. The PSV elevates this experience by providing personalized and contextualized reminders in a more engaging format.

PSV delivers real-time personalization capability to present targeted videos using information mined from the DMV database. The solution has a wide-ranging compatibility with all major form factors and user-experience channels.

To continue the example above, closer to the date of the road test, the PSV:

  • Creates a personalized video for the customer reminding them of the upcoming road test appointment.
  • The video informs the customer about the time and date, location, what to bring, and key concepts, options to reschedule or cancel existing road test appointment, or reprint road test appointment confirmation, improving customer awareness to reduce missed or ‘no show’ appointments allowing the DMV and customer to reuse available slots

Both of these technologies can run in an automated manner and process millions of transactions simultaneously. They can plug-in with existing DMV systems or new systems, amplifying DMVs ability to service customers and realize many other benefits like:

  • Improved customer satisfaction – Reduce the average 44 minutes of wait time in DMV to almost zero and enable customers to access DMV services 24X7X365 through the device and language of their choice
  • Improved agent productivity – Service multiple customers at any given time in an automated manner, enabling agents to focus on other high-value tasks
  • Reduced cost – Virtual agents and personalized smart video technologies offer transaction-based pricing. PSV overlay customer data on top of a template video, enabling video reusability and eliminating the need to create “one video per person”. This enables DMVs to reduce operational cost
  • Reduced errors – The solution automates key tasks and enables agencies to minimize any errors

The virtual agent and PSV services can be introduced along with legacy modernization initiatives to provide value and exemplify progress while remaining in effect as part of the overall modernization effort.


DMV agencies face several business and technology challenges which they have to address to advance their mission and deliver better outcomes.

Digital transformation and enhanced service delivery are fundamental, underlying goals for DMVs. As they work to renovate existing infrastructure, DMVs must continue to evolve their delivery quality and improve service offering during their transformation journey. Virtual agents and PSV’s will bridge the gap between the infrastructure upgrades and the need to deliver on customer expectations for a successful digital transformation using AI.

Author Details

Nicholas Demetriades
Nicholas Demetriades

Nick is a principal consultant with Infosys Public Services’ Transportation sector. Nick designs and develops business solutions that help DMVs become more customer-centric and agile. Nick has over 30 years of experience in the DMV domain, where he was the Director of Information Technology at the CT DMV and managed the Agency’s technology services. He led numerous DMV business improvement projects for the delivery of business systems and technology solutions. Prior to joining Infosys Public Services, Nick served as the Director of Operations Services at the Connecticut Bureau of Enterprise Systems and Technologies (BEST). He was responsible for administering Enterprise Helpdesk Services, Command Center Operations, Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Disaster Recovery Planning and Coordination.