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Navigating through COVID-19 and beyond

As COVID-19 spreads unabated, organizations are exploring ways to ensure wellbeing of their staff, their community and at the same time ensure continuity of their operations. This page collects resources and insights for organizations to navigate through these unprecedented times and emerge stronger in the post-COVID19 world.

To learn more about the approach that we are taking to manage the disruption caused by COVID-19, please click here.

Face-to-face with COVID-19

U B Pravin Rao, COO, Infosys, discusses how us it’s natural to focus on what is of utmost importance in these trying times - and for Infosys that has, and will always be, our employees and our clients.
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Thinking out loud - The dichotomies of COVID-19

Ravi Kumar S., President, Infosys, discusses the new capabilities that are emerging and the new ways of coping that will seed long-term positive outcomes in our lives due to COVID-19.
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Arresting the spread of COVID-19 with AI

Dr. Suman De, Head of Government Healthcare Analytics, Infosys Public Services, discusses how AI can help health care organizations detect cases faster, predict new cases more accurately, monitor status, plan quarantines more effectively and arrest the spread of pandemics like COVID-19.
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Brilliant Basics Edition: Remote Employee Experience

Ben Ingram, Head of Employee Experience at Brilliant Basics, discusses remote working techniques as a number of businesses are advising their employees to work from home during the coronavirus outbreak. The discussion covers how to maintain productivity, perform daily rituals, sustain work culture, and ensure a healthy mind and body.

Making emergency social program delivery effective

Vijay Ravichandran, Principal Consultant, Infosys Public Services discusses the 3 ways for governments to improve delivery effectiveness of emergency social programs and provide a better safety net to its most vulnerable citizens.
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