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Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Infosys Partnership

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) invited Ontario Ministry of Transportation to talk about their Driver Medical Review Program, MTO’s broader modernization efforts and the partnership with Infosys Public Services to navigate these strategic initiatives.


Upgrading COTS-based core systems the agile way

A public sector organization used an agile-based approach to upgrade its COTS-based asset management system faster by nearly 60 percent and improve efficiency of key workflows by nearly 50 percent.


Improving financial management with cloud

An agency of an intergovernmental organization used cloud to digitize its institutional post budgeting process. The new cloud-based system automated key processes and improved tracking and utilization of funds, ensuring compliance with parent organization’s policies.


Easing employee assessment for an Intergovernmental Organization

Most enterprises are swiftly realizing the benefits of working as a single entity to achieve common goals. But this has proven to be easier said than done, given the heterogeneous conditions and diverse factors influencing different regions. An agency of an intergovernmental organization with a presence in more than 100 countries was facing a similar situation, when they decided to integrate performance management of all employees on a single system. See how Infosys Public Services helped and the five key takeaways from the project.


Accelerating modernization of a City’s legacy tax system

A US City has partnered with Infosys Public Services to modernize its legacy tax and permit processing system into an agile, scalable, digital system that’s easy to use and maintain. Infosys Public Services is leveraging a people + software approach and ModernizeIT solution to build this system faster by up to 50%, minimize the risk, and help the City realize up to 20% savings in operational cost.


Canada Post: Be more dynamic to win in the digital economy

To reduce the kilometers driven, deliver more parcels per hour, and provide a great experience, Canada Post leveraged Zero Distance and Design Thinking. This enabled them to power their journey on digital transformation, and build dynamic routes to manage their expanded delivery business, and meet customers' expectations.


The Ministry of Transportation, Ontario digitizes carrier registration, licensing and performance monitoring

The Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO), along with Infosys Public Services (IPS), has implemented a new customer-centric carrier registration, licensing and performance monitoring system as part of its Road User Safety Modernization program. This new Registration and Licensing System of Ontario (RLSO) is a modernization of the MTO’s previous 40-year-old system, digitizing service delivery for thousands of carriers and businesses.


Long Term Care Partners: Zero Distance to growth and savings

Infosys Public Services helped Long Term Care Partners (LTCP) leverage automation to successfully execute an important rate-increase program in record time. The program helped LTCP drive growth and save up to 10 million in costs.


Long Term Care Partners Modernizes Core Systems to Optimize Operations and Support Growth

Long Term Care Partners (LTCP), one of the largest federal long-term care administrators, wanted to modernize its core administrative system to ensure delivery of best-in-class services while...


HIPAA 5010 Impact Analysis for a California-based Medicaid and Medicare Plan

A multi-state managed care organization wanted to assess the impact of HIPAA 5010 on its inventory of tens of thousands of procedures in eighty databases, hundreds of interfaces...


Why Switch to Cloud? Ask Orlando

The city of Orlando was saddled with an aging email system that was costly and cumbersome to maintain requiring frequent updates. Since the hardware was turning obsolete and several...

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'Infosys stepped up to the bat time and time again to make sure the project was delivered'

Norwood 'Rob' Dennis, CEO of National Science Center talks about the challenges of taking NSC's Learning Logic program to the cloud.


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