Avivia Health: Improving consumer engagement through gamification

Nathan Petrovay, Chief Technology Officer, Avivia Health from Kaiser Permanente, talks about the company’s strategic partnership with Infosys Public Services to develop an innovative gamification platform to improve consumer engagement with wellness tools and products.

On why Infosys Public Services was the preferred choice, Nathan said, “We found that Infosys Public Services provided not just the domain expertise which to us is healthcare but also a certain aptitude within the technology space as well for social networking, gamification platform development.”

Avivia Health operates in the disease management, lifestyle and wellness management, and chronic case management space. The company capitalizes on its content tools and clinical services to help rein in overall healthcare costs for its clients.

Avivia Health introduced a gamification platform that employs game theory, clinical strategy, and social networking. Their goal was to engage users with the right type of healthcare tools, services and products to enable sustained engagement and drive a positive change in behavior.