MTO: Digitizing systems. Ensuring road user safety

Roman Corpuz, Director -Transportation Safety Solutions Delivery and Logan Purdy, Director – Driver and Vehicle Services from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) joined Kevin McConomy, Director – Ontario Public Sector, Infosys Public Services for a lively question and answer session about how MTO modernized and digitized its driver medical review (DMR) system.

The DMR system is used by MTO to review and assess over 200,000 reports annually to determine if a person’s driving privileges should be suspended, re-initiated, downgraded or monitored based on their reported medical condition. The legacy system was heavily dependent on paper transactions and determinations often took several weeks to complete.

Roman and Logan discuss how MTO modernized the DMR case processing system using the latest technologies, including a self-service portal built on an angular technology framework, and integrated with the robust Oracle CX-based solution stack built in phase 1 of their modernization program. The modern DMR system reduced the turnaround time to a few days from several weeks, an increase in efficiency of nearly 85% while at the same time delivering an improved experience to stakeholders.