Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Infosys Partnership

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) invited Logan Purdy, Director of the Driver and Vehicle Services at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO); Roman Corpuz, Director of the Transportation Safety Solutions at MTO; and Kevin McConomy, Director of the Ontario Public Sector for Infosys Public Services to discuss their partnership on the Driver Medical Review program and MTO’s broader modernization efforts.

About MTO’s Driver Medical Review Program

Under the Highway Traffic Act (s. 203 and 204) both physicians and optometrists in Ontario are required to report to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles any patient age 16 or over who may be suffering from a medical/visual condition that may impair driving ability.

As part of this program, each year MTO reviews and assesses over 200,000 reports to determine if a person’s driving privilege should be suspended, re-initiated, downgraded or monitored based on the person’s medical condition.

Modernization of the Driver Medical Review Program

Despite incremental improvements, MTO’s existing Driver Medical Review system was unable to manage the annual increase in medical reports or meet growing client expectations.

MTO decided to modernize the Driver Medical Review system to become more digital and client friendly as part of their broader Road User Safety Modernization initiative.

MTO executed the program in partnership with Infosys Public Services using agile and DevOps practices. The team considered inputs from the staff and other stakeholders including doctors associations to develop client journeys and leveraged industry best practices related to agile as well as a thorough understanding of MTO’s environment to modernize the system successfully.

Executive leadership, clear communication, and close collaboration among the business, IT and Infosys teams were crucial to the program’s success. These factors also enabled the team to successfully navigate COVID-19 related challenges and deliver the system on time.

MTO is now able to accelerate the end-to-end assessment exercise from months to a few days or weeks.

Tune in to the AAMVAcast discussion to learn more about the program and the best-practices for jurisdictions looking to execute a similar modernization exercise.