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Governments – federal, state and local – today are overwhelmed with consumers’ increasing service expectations, aging workforce, and rapid technology change even as they grapple with limitations of legacy systems, adapting to active regulatory and policy environment, and pressure to cut costs and trim budgets amidst fiscal deficits.

Effective cost management can take public sector organizations only so far. A fundamental transformation is required to deliver good governance, and technology is inextricably linked to enabling it. Yet, only one-third of government technology projects succeed on schedule, budget and quality. Worse still, nearly a quarter of the projects fail and are cancelled prior to completion or delivery. It is no surprise then that technology investments do not deliver expected business returns. Business value is rarely ever defined or measured, let alone delivered.

We believe you can get the best of commercial innovation and practices and predictable delivery, to derive the business value you have always been looking for.

Our value proposition

Infosys Public Services is a new generation consulting and IT services company, laser-focused on delivering actual business value. Whether it’s a ‘business-as-usual’ project or handling large complex projects, we help companies all the way – from analyzing the true business impact of the projects to articulating and achieving measurable business value from business and IT investments. Our distinct business and technology solutions combine commercial best practices, best-of-breed partners, and renowned execution to deliver measurable value with predictability. We help public sector organizations build tomorrow’s enterprise.

We do this in three ways and provide an alternative that is better, faster, cheaper:

Derive Measurable Business Value - Business Transformation | Accelerating Innovation | Efficient Operations

Transform: Be it health IT expertise (healthcare), fraud detection (financial services), or multi-channel consumer experience (retail), we bring the best of innovations and practices from more than 30 years of commercial experience. Our consulting-led approach and dedicated practices for areas such as enterprise solutions, modernization and business intelligence (BI) help define, deploy and support processes and systems. A range of best-of-breed technology partnerships ensure we deliver complete solutions that include commercial, off the shelf (COTS) or specialized applications.

Innovate: We package our industry and domain expertise into innovative solutions and specialized centers of excellence (COEs) in areas such as cloud, mobility and BI to accelerate time to value on projects. We offer these solutions in a range of delivery models (products, SaaS / platform, services) and commercial models (fixed price, variable price), giving you the flexibility to manage your capex/opex mix and adapt to changing needs in today’s uncertain environment.

Optimize: We optimize our execution not only to be competitive but also to pass on the value to clients. Our people and capability development is renowned in the industry for recruiting top talent to continuing education and certification, assuring high quality. We have developed a suite of methods and tools to capture and reuse knowledge, and drive continuous productivity improvement. This is what makes us deliver projects 99% on time or early.

Formal frameworks such as VRM and IMPACT ensure you realize the business value promised. All this is backed by our full program accountability, compliance with regulations, and complete transparency.

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Building tomorrow's health and human services organizations

We help health and human services organizations effectively connect with constituents, modernize and build smart governments, and run efficient operations.


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Why switch to cloud? Ask Orlando

Infosys and Google assisted the City of Orlando to transform its costly, cumbersome, aging email system and enjoy the benefits of cloud.


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