Infosys ReachOut

Connecting people in need with real-time assistance and services is a key priority for US agencies. However, despite extensive investments, as many as 6,00,000 people remain homeless on any given night while over 1,00,000 beds stay vacant.

Leveraging the power of mobility to help the people-in-need

Infosys ReachOut leverages the power of mobility, social media, and analytics to enable people-in-need access benefits and services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

ReachOut enables agencies to provide real-time information to people-in-need about available services through a user-friendly portal. It engages citizens in service delivery, and generates actionable insights to optimize operations and costs.

Infosys ReachOut - Mobility Solution

Five key benefits of ReachOut

  • Increased reach – User-friendly portal that can be accessed by any stakeholder (volunteers, caseworkers, people-in-need, etc.) anytime, anywhere, and from any device (desktops, mobiles, tablets, etc.)
  • Improved collaboration – Alerts, notifications, and messaging features to enable various stakeholders connect, interact, and collaborate in real-time for service delivery
  • Improved service delivery – Location based services and easy integration with other systems to ensure accurate availability of information about services
  • Actionable insights – Support for structured and un-structured analytics to generate insights for improving utilization, program efficiency and effectiveness, and optimizing costs
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