Infosys Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite

Public sector organizations face challenges in implementing changes such as upgrades, patches, and releases to their SAP® and Oracle® ERP systems. Studies estimate that an average SAP® client spends between US$1.5 million to US$4 million per year on implementing changes. Despite this, 75 percent of the time the change programs do not deliver the desired value.

Infosys Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite helps public sector organizations reduce the risk, time, and expense required to deliver all types of SAP®, Oracle® E-Business, and Oracle® JD Edwards changes. Powered by big data analytics and automation, the suite analyzes the impact of change on an organization’s ERP systems and identifies points of failure, ways to fix them, and what to test, even before the organization embarks on its change program.

Infosys Panaya CloudQuality™ suite components

Panaya insight

Big data analytics driven assessment of ERP platforms for specific fix and test recommendations

Test management

End-to-end test planning, cycle management, test execution management, and defect management

Text execution

Capture and translation of complex business scenarios into simple test scenarios

Change impact simulation

Predicting full impact of change to identify potential failure points

Code cleansing

Smart parsing to identify and eliminate redundant cloned programs and unused code

Code remediation

Automated fixes and proven code correction to eliminate the risk of production issues post go-live

Value proposition

  • Risk mitigation – Actionable insights to eliminate failures, defects, and critical issues associated with ERP change programs
  • Accelerated implementation – Up to 30 percent faster implementation through automation. 100 percent SaaS platform with quick setup for change impact simulation
  • Improved performance – Improved efficiency through dead-code elimination and up to 50 percent reduction in custom code
  • Lower costs – Up to 50 percent reduction in implementation and maintenance costs
  • Refocus on innovation – Improved bandwidth to focus on innovation instead of maintenance activities

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