Comprehensive digital framework to navigate your next

Our solutions help public sector organizations rapidly renew and build new capabilities to do more and be more.


Infosys Vaccine Management (IVM) Solution

Infosys Epidemic Surveillance Suite

Infosys COVID-19 Recovery Suite

Infosys Health Insights Platform

Infosys Comprehensive Child Welfare Solution

Blockify – Blockchain-based vehicle registration solution

FormAR – Digitize paper-based forms with Augmented Reality

ModernizeDR – Highly responsive DR at up to 80% lower cost

Infosys Celtic Vehicle and Licensing Solution

Integrated Eligibility Solution for health and human services programs

AssistEdge – Integrated desktop for case workers

ModernizeIT – Accelerate modernization programs

Infosys Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite – Accelerate ERP change programs

Infosys Analytics Workbench

Infosys Nia™ – Purposeful AI


Consulting Services

Technology Services

Enterprise mobility

Cloud and Infrastructure

Cyber Security

Legacy Modernization

Procurement Modernization

Analytics and Insights

ERP Services


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