Infosys Comprehensive Child Welfare Solution

Outdated systems, increasing caseloads, lack of focus on data quality and analytics, inadequate mobile support and changing regulations make it difficult for child welfare agencies to effectively deliver the right care to children and families.

Infosys Comprehensive Child Welfare Solution (iCWS) enables agencies to address all these challenges and build a modern, modular child welfare platform that delivers the best outcomes in safety, permanency and well-being.

iCWS is an integrated, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) platform built using proven technologies. It includes interoperable modules that digitize core child welfare functions and innovative add-ons like artificial intelligence tools that allow agencies to balance service and prevention.

Infosys Comprehensive Child Welfare Solution

Key features and benefits of iCWS

  • Modularity – CCWIS compliant, loosely coupled modules for accelerated deployment
  • Automation – Workflow automation for improved productivity and service delivery
  • Scalability – Service-oriented architecture and web-services for extensibility
  • Configurability – Intuitive, streamlined, dynamic and easy-to change/update workflows to simplify system use
  • Multi-channel access – Anytime, anywhere, any-device online and offline access for improved case worker productivity
  • Responsive UI – Simple, intuitive user interface for superior user experience and compliance with accessibility standards
  • Security – Role-based access controls and the latest cyber security methodologies for assured service delivery
  • Data, insights & next best actions – Next-gen analytics with AI models and visualization engines for real-time reporting, insights and next-best-actions to improve decision making and outcomes

Read how we are helping states like Texas modernize Child Welfare Information Systems and enable the case workers to better serve the needs of Texans.

Write to us to learn how iCWS can help your agency navigate its next to digitize child welfare.

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