People + software approach to setup a highly responsive DR (sub-second RPO) at up to 80% lower cost

It’s more important than ever for public sector organizations to keep their Business Continuity Plans (BCP) updated and implement a responsive Disaster Recovery (DR) solution. However, doing this can be extremely costly with existing approaches like remote DR site.

ModernizeDR offers a cloud-based DR solution and a suite of BC & DR services that enable public sector organizations to implement a secure, reliable and highly responsive DR with a recovery time in minutes rather than days and at a cost that is up to 80% less than traditional approaches.

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery solution

ModernizeDR helps public sector organizations setup a highly secure, enterprise-grade DR at a fraction of the cost with Recovery Point Objective (RPO) in seconds, Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in minutes, and automated, one-click failover and failback.

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery solution for the public sector

Key features and benefits

  • Support for GovCloud, private or public cloud
  • Continuous block-level replication to deliver sub-second RPO
  • Cloud-based staging area to eliminate duplicate provisioning of resources and reduce TCO by up to 80%
  • Enterprise-grade security (AES 256bit) for data in transit & support for all data encryption models for data-at-rest
  • Automated orchestration of target environment to deliver RTO in minutes
  • Self-service DR console to manage all tasks (migration, monitoring, testing, failover, failback) in a few clicks

End-to-end Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services

The cloud-based DR solution is supported by a suite of services that enable public sector organizations to develop and maintain the right business continuity plan with less effort.

End-to-end Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services for the public sector

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