Infosys Celtic Vehicle and Licensing Solution

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) / Motor Vehicle Administrators (MVA) and Ministries of Transportation (MoT) need to modernize their legacy driver licensing and vehicle registration systems to service millions of customers effectively and efficiently.

To deliver an improved experience, DMV and MoT need to set up a modern, customer-centric platform that delivers a consolidated view of the customers, meets the agency’s unique needs yet is adaptable to changing requirements, and is easy to implement and use.

Digitize vehicle and licensing services with Infosys Celtic Vehicle and Licensing Solution

Infosys Public Services and Celtic Systems have partnered to develop an integrated commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution that helps jurisdictions successfully digitize vehicle and licensing services.

Infosys Celtic Vehicle and Licensing Solution (IC-VALS) consists of interoperable modules that digitize both the core and ancillary functions like licensing, titling, registration, safety and enforcement, document management and reporting to build a truly modern, customer-centric, scalable and future-ready platform.

IC-VALS is built on an open-source architecture, using proven web-technologies. This gives jurisdictions the flexibility to maintain the solution themselves and not get locked-in with a particular vendor.

IT Solutions for DMV & MVA  

Key features and benefits of IC-VALS

  • Modularity – Loosely coupled components for flexibility and accelerated deployment
  • 360° Customer View – One-client, one-record model to understand customer better
  • Scalability – Service Oriented Architecture for extensibility and interoperability
  • Configurability – Configurable rules engine with pre-defined business rules to meet unique requirements
  • Multi-channel access – Service delivery across a variety of channels (mobile, kiosk, office)
  • Responsive UI – Simple, intuitive user interface that meets accessibility standards
  • Security – Role-based access controls and the latest cyber security methodologies for assured service delivery
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Real-time reporting with host of visualization options for improved decision making

19 jurisdictions have successfully leveraged our solution to modernize and digitize their vehicle and licensing systems, resulting in lower cost and reduced risk.

Write to us to learn how IC-VALS can help your jurisdiction digitize vehicle and licensing services.

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