ServiceNow Canadian Federal Forum: Powering Government’s Digital Evolution

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Event details

Date: September 23, 2020
Time: 11 am - 1 pm ET
Duration: 2 hrs.
Featured Speakers: Emilio Franco, Director General, Acquisitions Program Transformation Sector, Public Services and Procurement Canada
Michel Tourigny, Head of Canada, Infosys Public Services
Kevin McConomy, Canada Public Health Practice Lead, Infosys Public Services

Event overview

ServiceNow’s digital event will bring together leaders across the Canadian federal government to discuss how transforming workflows enables departments to provide service-focused delivery and power their digital transformation.

Connect with Infosys Public Services

Infosys Public Services is a Gold Tier Sponsor of the ServiceNow Canadian Federal Forum. Visit our virtual exhibit:

  • For practical guidance on quickly implementing ServiceNow apps, including the SafeWorkplace Suite and other Cloud SaaS solutions to improve efficiency and enable employees to return to work safely
  • To access whitepapers, case studies and demos of our ServiceNow solutions like Infosys ESM Café’ that can help federal departments accelerate their digital transformation

Session details

Topic One: Customer Fireside with Emilio Franco: Emergency Services Contingency Reserve Program by the Government of Canada
Date: September 23, 2020
Time: 11:30 am – 12 pm ET
Speakers: Emilio Franco, Director General, Acquisitions Program Transformation Sector, Public Services and Procurement Canada

Session description

Emilio Franco discusses the Government of Canada’s digital initiatives including the procurement modernization program and the Emergency Services Contingency Reserve Program. Hear how the GC is using cloud and automation to transform workflows, enhance efficiency and improve service delivery for citizens.

Topic Two: How to Implement the ServiceNow SafeWorkplace Suite in the Canadian Federal Government
Date: September 23, 2020
Time: On Demand
Speakers: Kevin McConomy, Director, Infosys Public Services

Session description

The ServiceNow SafeWorkplace Suite provides critical apps that can help federal employees return to work safely.

In this presentation Infosys Public Services (IPS) provides practical guidance on the approach, tools, accelerators, and security considerations that can help accelerate the implementation of these ServiceNow apps.

IPS uses its experience deploying ServiceNow and other Public Cloud SaaS as part of the Government of Canada (GC) eProcurement Solution to provide critical GC specific insights. In addition to the approach and methodology, we will outline key considerations regarding the GC Security Assessment & Authorization (SA&A) process, Identity Credentials and Access Management, and required integrations to Active Directory, HR System and procurement system for access to PPE inventory data.

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